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Friend Finder Review

Friend Finder Features

  • Over 3.2 million members
  • Competitive prices ($8 to $35/month)
  • Quick-n-easy to join
  • Chat rooms
  • Voice messaging
  • Video greeting
  • Winks
  • Cupid emails
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Friend Finder Review

We are living in a defining moment in history in that over 50% of today's singles population are using online dating services as a viable mean to finding new friends, new dates, and true love. If you are interested in trying this new way of dating, then consider signing up with You'll be surprise by the convenience of their service, the ease of their tools and the effectiveness of their approach.

It's easy to get started. The sign up process at Friend Finder takes only a few minutes. Just provide with a handle (i.e. a nickname), a short description about yourself and the type of relationship you hope to find. There's also an option of adding photos along with your personal ad. Take advantage of it, because sooner or later interested singles will be asking for your picture. Make it sooner and your response rate will be 10 times greater. Make it later and you'll lose out on opportunities to meet new friends or potential dates.

Now that you've got your visitors' attention with your winning photos, how do you keep them interested? We have two suggestions for FriendFinder: the Personality Love Type survey and the personalized video greeting. In the survey, Friend Finder will guide you through various topics about your personality that may be of interest to your viewers but you may not have considered. The answers will allow you and your visitors to quickly determine mutual compatibility. Secondly, adding an impromptu audio or video greeting with your Friend Finder profile is a great way to show off the true you. Give them a little taste of who you are but try to not overwhelm them with your effervescent smile and natural charm.

After completing the final touches to your profile, what's next? If you're a free member, there are a variety of services at Friend Finder that you should try. For instance, to find members that match what you are looking for, try the browse or the general search functions. Both features will let you check out other Friend Finder members based on your search preference. We use the term "check out" loosely, because FriendFinder provides just enough information to determine attraction, but not compatibility. For complete access to the search engine and members' profiles, you'll need to be a paying subscriber.

Friend Finder also provides some interactive services for free that typically are not free on other online dating sites. You can start by sharpening your dating skills with Friend Finder's free relationship workshop. Join one of the various Friend Finder chat rooms and mingle with a new group of friends. If group conversation isn't your bag of tea, then consider starting up a conversation with someone through the instant messaging center. It's fun, free and a great way to meet people.

There are also a couple of flirty features at Friend Finder that you should keep in your back pocket when you are perusing the members' profile. They are the hotlist and winks. If you add members to your hotlist and do not have the "stealth" mode turned on, the other member will know that you added them to your hotlist. It's a subtle way to let them know that you are interested in them. A more direct way is to send a wink. By winking, you are telling them that you find them interesting and attractive. Hotlisting and winks are definitely the way to go if you want to break the ice, but you aren't sure how to get started.

All of the above features of Friend are great for mingling and chatting with an online group of friends. But if you are really serious about finding someone special, don't wane your valuable time away with group conversations. If finding more matches, seeing more pictures, or learning more about someone is important to you, then you should consider one of Friend Finder's premium membership plans.

Premium membership at FriendFinder.comoffers far more privileges and is extremely cost competitive with other popular online personal ads services. As a premium member, you'll have top billing in search results, full access to FriendFinder's powerful search engine, faster load time, complete access to the email functions, and full access to friend finder members' profiles.

You'll no longer be subjugated to the minimum details of a profile or the single thumbnail photo. Rather by becoming a Friend premium member, you'll have all the details of a person's profile, full view of all photos, and full access to the audio/video greeting. Fun and exciting dates starts with a click. So click your way over to Friend Finder and meet your special someone.

Click here to go to Friend Finder

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