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Perfect Match Review

Perfect Match Features

  • Relationship Sparking Communities
  • Duet Total Compatibility Profiler
  • Quality Dating Opportunities
  • Guided or Instant Communications
  • Scientific Approach
  • Choice and Flexibility
  • Perfect Matches Guarantee
  • Profile Tune-up
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Perfect Match Review makes it simple for you to be in the comfort of your home and search for and mingle with other eligible singles. This online personals website has so much more to offer than going out hoping to meet someone or using some of the other web dating services. Perfect Match takes all of your personality traits, your likes and dislikes in a mate and your overall characteristics to match you up with potential dating partners in your area that are compatible with you. The process is quite simple and you could be searching and connecting with other local singles today.

Each internet dating service has their own matchmaking system of identifying compatible singles. However, many of these web personals websites only take certain personality traits to match you up with someone or use a profile which people create to make seem appealing but are not true representations. PerfectMatch is different and takes the whole person into account when finding matches. They use three different sources of information when finding compatible matches, the Duet Compatibility System, Dealbreakers or Match Settings and your personal profile.

Their compatibility matchmaking system designed by Dr. Pepper Schwartz asks questions about your likes, dislikes and how you view life. The answers are then converted into a code such as IFTD (Introvert, Flexible, Temperate and Dominant) for example. This personality trait code is then matched up with other online members. Those who have compatible codes will then be checked for compatibility on other level such as your Dealbreakers or Match Settings and your personal profile.

The deal breakers feature at this dating website can save you the time in finding out whether the person you meet has that one thing you cannot overlook. Some of the settings you can choose are race, religion, location, and age. Once the matchmaking system has matched your Duet Compatibility code with other singles, it then weeds out the personal traits that coincide with your Dealbreakers. The third compatibility process comes from your personal profile.

Your personal ad give searchers and the system a snapshot of who you are and your picture. The system will look at the people it has selected and matches them up with your personal profile. If the system still feels that you may be compatible, the system will send you an e-mail informing you they have made a match. This is an ongoing daily system that will match you up with members as they join. After you receive the e-mail, you will be able to view their profile and their traits from the Duet Compatibility System.

Not only will you get compatible matches in your e-mail, you can find singles in your area through PerfectMatch’s advanced search tools. This is why rises above other online dating services; you have the freedom of choosing how you want to find that special someone. Not only that, you will also be able to receive expert advice and guidance from the creator of the Duet Compatibility System, Dr. Pepper Schwartz. With over 30 years of experience and research in relationship advice, she understands the many different matchmaking dimensions needed to find your soul mate.

PerfectMatch requires that you sign up for a membership to be able to communicate with other singles in your area. Once you sign up for one of their memberships, you are free to contact anyone who you feel a strong connection with. If you need more information about someone before making that next step, just send them an Icebreaker. This is a question that the person can answer to give you more information before making the decision to connect with that person. There is never any pressure to contact someone; it is up to you whether you think this person is made just for you.

PerfectMatch is the most comprehensive online personals service you will find that will take three sources of information to match singles. Not only that, it’s an internet matchmaking website that has a relationship expert with over 30 years experience. Finally, they give you the freedom of choosing how you want to find that special someone. You can sit back and let the compatibility matchmaking system do all the work, search through the thousands of personals from your area yourself or do a little bit of both. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and register with the site and meet new people today.

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