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JDate Review

JDate Features

  • A leader in Jewish dating
  • Designed for Jewish singles
  • 15,000 new members each month
  • Sending teases
  • "Your Matches" email
  • Under $35 a month
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JDate Review

If you are a Jewish single, then don't be alarm if your mother starts to spend time searching through JDate to prepare a list of potential matches for you. Furthermore, if you keep dragging your feet, she'll probably purchase a premium membership to J Date for you, make your contacts and schedule your dates. Some of us may call this endearing while others may call it meddlesome, but we like to call it a concerned Jewish mother who is anxious for grandkids.

Mind you, she is not alone in her quest. There are countless JDate mothers out there who are hoping that can help their "still single" son or daughter meet that special someone who shares in the same sense of community, tradition and faith. In fact, did a survey and found that JDate members think their J Date mothers would have them meet their dates on rather than at work. We can appreciate that. Who wouldn't want a good return on their investment?

After all, there are certainly thousands of personal ad websites available online and just a few are even worth considering. But in the context of Jewish online dating, JDate is widely recognized as the leader in helping you find real people for real relationships. You see, the J Date online services were designed with you in mind. The single Jewish men and women of the world who are seeking a fun, easy and effective way to meet and date other Jewish singles with minimal hassle and maximum enjoyment.

The J Date advantage is undeniable. Did you know that one out of every ten Jewish singles is found on and that they continue to attract approximately 15,000 new members each month? Other than traveling around the world, there is no other place where you can meet and date so many available Jewish singles. But J Date is more than just a Jewish centric dating site. In an environment where gender centricity is the exception, stands among the few that has approximately the same number of single Jewish women as Jewish men members.

So, are you ready to create your free JDate profile? Although this is a relatively easy task, consider spending a bit of time to make your profile exude potential, ooze uniqueness and give off the "wow" factor. Remember, the keys to impressing a potential date are honesty in your answers, creativity in your essays and chemistry in your pictures. Any skimping, skimming or skirting of details can only hurt you when you finally do meet. Let your potential dates fall for you, not your profile.

Upon completion of the signup process, you will have instant access to all the available tools and a database packed full of personal ads to find your next exciting date. A good way to start is to search through JDate's extensive database for Jewish singles in your area. Read through their essays to get a deeper sense of compatibility and browse through their photo gallery to get a better sense of attraction. Above all, trust your instinct. If you think there is a match, than take the initiative and send him/her a free teaser message or add their profile to your hotlist. Letting your potential date know of your interests will help speed up the process to the eventual first meeting.

Of course, if the gesture is returned, than you should consider sending a personalized email to let them know what it was in their profile that caught your eye, the common goals that you may share, and why it deserved more than just a reciprocated tease. Make it short, sweet and sincere.

Lastly, some of the features and services that we have highlighted in our review are totally free for all JDate members to use. For example, you can search and view other members' profiles, receive and reply to instant messages, and send teases to other members for free. But if you wish to have complete access to all of the available communication channels like email, instant messaging, and chat rooms, you will need to subscribe to one of J Date's premium membership packages. It's a great investment when you consider the alternatives. It's a great investment when you consider the possibilities. It's a great investment when you consider the returns on the countless possibilities.

Click here to go to JDate

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